A lot going on – MSJ, deposition, environmental eval . . . Sen. Cruz . . . .

A lot is going on, but no time today to blog. I’ll be working on a motion for summary judgment (statute of limitations and causation arguments), deposition preparation (deposition with an interpreter, many issues of pre-existing and post accident injuries), and evaluation of insurer subrogation rights in a significant environmental case.

Also, I don’t care if Senator Cruz wants to talk for 24 or more hours. That’s his right. More legislators should visibly speak-up and not as the usual work only on party lines or behind the scenes. He will either appear to be a fool or help himself, accomplish something or not, or be a non-event in history. He has had a lot of pressure to not talk including from his own party. I respect his individualism (i.e., standing up and stating his opinion or vote), for whatever reason. Other decision makers, legislators, board directors, etc., should take note.

Dave Tate


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