Rise of the Processes

Brief thoughts – Rise of the Processes.  This is an important topic for executive officers, boards, management and employees of public companies, private companies, nonprofits and governmental entities.  It presents opportunities, and increased risks and exposure if it isn’t done right.  And this topic isn’t going away.

Processes aren’t new.  Processes are everywhere and sometimes nowhere.  Twenty years ago I was arguing processes in cases involving punitive damage claims.  Some processes are good or friendly, and some processes are harmful.  And then there are situations were there are no processes, or where there are processes but the processes are not followed.  Processes can be good for:

1. Helping organizations to run more productively and meet, satisfy or exceed strategies, goals and risk management;

2. Avoiding liability; and

3. In circumstances of possible liability or wrongdoing, reducing damages, fines and penalties, including punitive damages.

None of the above is really new. But what we are witnessing and experiencing is the ongoing acceleration and rise of the processes.  See below, for example, my posts dated February 6 (click here) and 12 (click here).

Dave Tate, Esq. (San Francisco and California)


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