Chapter 5A – Audit Committee Functions and Responsibilities

The following is to a link for an audit committee chapter that I wrote for the California Continuing Education of the Bar. The chapter was part of a larger binder of contributing authors – a really excellent unique resource for advising and defending officers and directors. Unfortunately, subsequently the entire binder was discontinued.

The chapter is seven years old at this point, but remains relevant and an excellent overview, although not updated at this point. Viewing the chapter broadly, in addition to updates, of course, I would add additional discussions about risk management and risk management evaluation and oversight; disclosures including management discussion and analysis; foreign corrupt practices act and oversight of foreign operations, contacts, customers and suppliers; compliance processes; investigations; internal audit; working and interacting with others; and practical considerations, actions and applications. To view the chapter click on the following, Chapter_5A_Audit_Committee_Functions_and_Responsibilities_Oct._2007_Advising_and_Defending_California_Directors_and_Officers

Enjoy. Dave Tate, Esq., San Francisco and California


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