Risk Oversight Guidance for Corporate Directors Issued by AIG, NACD, and ISA – The State of Security

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The Internet Security Alliance (ISA), in collaboration with the American International Group (AIG) and the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), has announced the release of the latest issue in NACD’s Director’s Handbook Series on Cyber-Risk Oversight. The guidelines are designed specifically for corporate boards, and includes five key strategies all corporate boards of directors …… Read More

David Tate‘s insight:

Since this publication is put out by the NACD, in addition to the ISA, with at least some involvement by a large insurer, would the positions in the publication arguably create a community recognized standard of care for directors? In some regards, from a D&O viewpoint, a standard of care would be helpful, but of course a generally recognized standard of care must then be met.  Currently we have like 1,000 points of light with all of the different viewpoints on the standards that a director must meet.  See for example my prior post about the ISS proxy position on election of Target board members in light of the Target computer hacking occurrence.

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