If you want to move “qualitative” assurance and evaluation forward – disclose criteria – governance, ethics, risk management, etc.

Simple and short. Outside independent auditors, internal audit, and people who are interested in governance, ethics, risk management and other “qualitative” or “partially qualitative” issues – disclosure the criteria that you are using or expecting to audit or evaluate those areas, and by doing so you will move the subject matter forward with transparency. If you want people to satisfy a standard, don’t you need to tell them the criteria?  In these areas the primary objective is for people to satisfy the criteria, not catch them for failure to satisfy, isn’t it? No need to be secret in these areas.  Perhaps the problem is that there might not be generally accepted criteria.  If not, after all these years, why not?  It takes leadership, vision and strategy.

Dave Tate, Esq. (San Francisco / California), http://tatetalk.com


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