Pressure Intense on Internal Audit – the Audit Committee and Auditors Should Ask

The following link is to a troubling news release from the Institute of Internal Auditors about pressure that some internal auditors feel or experience in the performance of their tasks. That type of situation is troubling in and by itself. However, with the ramp-up of whistleblower reporting that type of situation also more likely carries with it the potential for the company’s exposure to liability. These issues also reflect upon tone-at-the-top, governance and internal controls. The independent outside auditor and the audit committee should ask the chief audit executive (CAE) about these issues and the related atmosphere at the company, if for no other reason than to spot and resolve any potential issues. The following is the link to the IIA news release:

Click to access Politics-of-Internal-Audit-news-release.pdf

Dave Tate, Esq. (San Francisco and California)