Cybersecurity: Age of Innocence Gone or No More Plausible Deniability – by Bob Carver

Words of wisdom from Bob Carver, a cybersecurity expert, and for officers and directors, Bob’s “new normal” for cybersecurity:

“What should be the “’New Normal?’”

  • Consider all systems on your network as untrusted (even network printers and IoT Internet of Things) and plan accordingly.
  • Assume current generation anti-virus will not save you from compromise or infection.
  • Start investigating next generation endpoint security, looking for methods such as containerization so infections will not be able to penetrate and write to the operating system.
  • First Generation IDS will not detect many of the latest attacks and malware, usually based on relatively static signatures. If they do detect, the attack will change rendering the signature worthless in short order.
  • Look at next generation intrusion detection systems that look at traffic to and from malicious domains and IP’s on a dynamic basis, not static signatures.
  • Assume any new sophisticated malware has been tested against all traditional AV, IDS systems and firewalls.
  • Assume First Generation security will not stop or detect the majority sophisticated attacks.
  • Assume some entity or cybercriminal has already gotten into your network or compromised one or more systems and is already inside.
  • In the past we have been concerned about attacks from the outside. Now we need to be concerned about attacks and traffic from the inside.
  • In the past we spent more time monitoring traffic attempting to get in our networks, now we need to monitor outbound traffic on all ports, protocols both standard and non-standard.”

You should read Bob’s entire discussion. To do so, CLICK HERE

Dave Tate, Esq. (San Francisco/California)