Steve Sarkisian sues USC over his firing, claiming school didn’t accommodate his disability


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Dave Tate, Esq. comments. Now this is an interesting lawsuit. I don’t recall seeing this type of lawsuit before – by someone in a leadership or executive position like Coach Sarkisian arguing entitlement to a reasonable accommodation under the ADA or FEHA, or both, for possible alcoholism. I’m just talking off the top of my head. He may have an argument; however, I don’t know the terms of his employment contract, the team wasn’t performing well, and it would not necessarily be unusual for an employer such as USC to fire someone for cause, i.e., not based on discrimination, but based on how the program, team and season were progressing and being run. But what if alcoholism was a contributing factor to the program, team and season problems? I need to further consult my ADA/FEHA reasonable accommodation materials. More to follow, I’m sure, as this story generates news.